New Super Mora Chrome coated hand drill. Max ice thickness: 162 cm.

  • MC (Mora Chrome) finish protects against ware and tear
  • Infinite corrosion protection – also on the inside the main tube
  • Water repellent to reduce ice build-up
  • The drill can be used with cordless power drills (18 mm adapter required).
  • Black powder painted crank with easy turn handles
  • Steel crown with changeable Mora Expert blades
  • Sizes 110 mm / 4” – 130 mm / 5” – 150 mm / 6”
  • Hydrophobic (water repellant) is slick and will not gather ice, strong against hits and scratches, 100% rust free.


Item No Description
ICE-MM0044 Mora Ice™ Chrome, 110mm/4”
ICE-MM0042 Mora Ice™ Chrome, 130mm/5”
ICE-MM0043 Mora Ice™ Chrome, 150mm/6”