Basic model. Max ice thickness: 90 cm.

Our economy and family hand drill, No 1 selling ice drill world wide. This non-folding allround drill is suitable for all kinds of ice; blue ice, double ice or soft and porous spring ice. Low torque is needed, which makes the drill easy to turn and ideal for the entire family. The razor-sharp spare blades made of Swedish stainless steel are easy to change. Mora Ice Easy has a comfort grip, is extendable and has a low weight. Can be used with cordless power drills (18mm adapter requires). Comes in a ”easy to carry, see-through” plastic bag.


Item No Description
ICE-MM0004 Mora Ice™ Easy, 125mm/5”. Built in Extension
ICE-MM0005 Mora Ice™ Easy, 175mm/7”. Built in Extension
ICE-MM0006 Mora Ice™ Easy, 150mm/6”. Built in Extension
ICE-MM0007 Mora Ice™ Easy, 200mm/8”. Built in Extension